Autonomous companionship system to assist patients and dependent people

OMNI emerged as a spin-off in 2017 from an innovation project carried out by SCIO Innovation Technologies in collaboration with the University of A Coruña, Spain between 2010 and 2013.

OMNI is very present in the healthcare sector and is working to become a reference product in the remote assistance market, due to its innovative character and the potential for growth in this field, given the demographic conditions and current health situation at a global level.

OMNI is an autonomous system of companionship and assistance to dependents. The OMNI system uses the TV as the main means of interaction with the user, integrating the functionality in a clear and transparent way. Thus, the different functionalities of the system are presented as interactive TV channels. The control of the device is done through a multimodal interaction framework that supports several simultaneous interaction modes with a remote control.


OMNI works like a conventional TV but allows the user to easily communicate by video call with their doctors, family and friends. In addition, OMNI allows them to receive reminders and request help if needed. OMNI acts as a data hub, allowing the connection of devices that enable and facilitate remote assistance by medical professionals.