InnovaSIS is a technological platform for the implementation of a new model of patient management service focused on the healthcare process. Through the integration of workflows and information between the different care resources, it seeks the continuity of care, the involvement of professionals and the homogenization of procedures.

InnovaSIS offers coverage at all levels (Primary, Hospital, Socio-sanitary and Preventive) and all types of care modalities, regardless of the resources used to carry out the activity (in-house, contracted or external).

InnovaSIS is aimed at all persons involved in the healthcare process: patients, health service managers, health professionals, administrators, department managers, general managers, area managers, etc.


From the point of view of the organization of the system itself, four basic functional blocks can be distinguished:

SIVSA MeQ | InnovaSIS Componentes

Three levels of action can be distinguished, depending on the role perspective of the person using the system:

SIVSA MeQ | InnovaSIS Componentes

From the point of view of the level of innovation and/or the degree of reuse from other systems, the following platform components stand out:

SIVSA MeQ | InnovaSIS Componentes


Basic principles

  • Information is recorded only once, at the time it happens and only by a responsible professional.
  • The information is immediately available to all persons involved.

Common working framework

  • Common language is used by all systems and entities involved in the respective healthcare activity.
  • A specific management model is used in each healthcare modality at each healthcare level.
  • A specific relations model is applied to all healthcare modalities at the different levels of care.
  • An homogeneous treatment of any healthcare modality, registration demands, activities and planning registration.
  • A responsibility model of each person (type of professional, institution, system) on each set of information.


  • InnovaSIS is integrated with all clinical purpose systems, technological equipment, and the activities of any other person involved in the healthcare process through the use of international standards
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