SIVSA MeQ | Hosix


Thanks to our own HOSIX tool, which is an integrated, modular, scalable, interoperable, and standardized system; we integrate administrative, functional and clinical features that directly link the main management areas: care, clinical, economic and services.

HOSIX has been constantly evolving for more than 15 years, which means that it currently has more than 25 different modules and is operating in more than 30 hospitals worldwide.

This tool, which implies total reliability, guarantees the evolution and maintenance of all clinical systems, the adaptability to different types of organizations and uniqueness in the information capture process.

HOSIX is a “Full Web” tool with a modern, updated, homogeneous technological environment with “mobile” technology that allows us to perform:

  • Integral hospital management
  • Consulting and implementation of in-house and third-party hospital solutions
  • Technological and functional developments
  • Support and User Service Centers following ITIL methodology
  • Telemedicine and patient monitoring
  • Integrations with medical instruments based on health standards (UNE, SNOMED, HL7, ASTM, …)
  • Automation of billing processes
  • Integration with the main medical insurance companies in your country